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[Bulk Size] Beryl’s Pillow Wrap Chocolate

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- Beryl's White Chocolate With Dried Strawberry Chips 

Creamy strawberry white chocolate pieces packed with tangy strawberry chips. Sparkles of real strawberry fruit in every bite! Packed in a convenient packet.

- Beryl’s 54% Dark Chocolate

A bag of bittersweet pampering for dark chocolate lovers. Go on, have a piece of Beryl’s smooth, bittersweet 54% dark chocolate. Then, have another and another.

- Beryl’s Mint & Bitter Chocolate 

Can’t decide between minty sweetness or bitter sweetness? Our Mint & Bitter chocolate has them both! Alternate between cool mint chocolates and bitter dark chocolates according to your fancy!

Each bag is approximately 520-540g and comes with 80-90 pieces of chocolates.