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Tanamera Tropical Lulur Scrub (6 x 20gm)

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Active Ingredient
Rice, Glutinous rice, Black Glutinous rice, Turmeric, Javanese Turmeric, Cinnamon, Vertiver, Lime leaf, Pandan leaf

* Highly anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.
* Helps to exfoliate the skin and leave a soft and supple feeling.

Preparation & Application
1. Mix 80g (5 tbsp) of scrub powder with 10ml of Virgin Coconut oil. Than add in 200ml (20 tbsp) of Rose/Lemongrass Water distillate until you get a smooth paste.
* For Desiccated Coconut Body Polish use 150 grams (13 tbsp) of powder with 200 ml (20 tbsp) of water.
2. Apply a thin layer of scrub paste on guest’s whole body and cover with a sheet/towel. Avoid from applying on nails.
* Best to divide into few areas example; back side (lower limbs – upper body) and front side (lower limbs – upper limbs – abdomen).
3. Compress sheet on the body to remove excess moisture. Uncover the sheet and start to scrub with hands with an effleurage movement. Only expose part that you want to scrub.
* If the scrub has dried in certain areas, wet your hands and continue scrubbing.
4. Wipe excess scrub with moistened mitten/towel. Continue with body wrap