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Tanamera Ageless Facial Oil (30ml)

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Active Ingredient

100% sugar squalene infused with rose and frankincense essential oils to help increase skin elasticity, reduce fine lines and improve skin smoothness.

The main ingredients of Tanamera Ageless facial oil:

-Sugar squalene (Main ingredient)
-Rose essential oil
-Frankinsence essential oil

Tanamera Ageless facial oil uses ingredients such as squalane that mimics our skin’s natural oils; it can help promote youthful, supple, radiant skin; and it’s a great choice for all skin types.

Preparation & Application
1. Apply two pumps of Tanamera Ageless facial oil on cleansed skin daily.
2. Add one or two pumps of Tanamera Ageless facial oil to your serum, moisturizer, night cream to enhance the properties of your skin care products.
3. Add one or two pumps of Tanamera Ageless facial oil into makeup products such as lipstick, eye shadow, mascara or foundation. Tanamera Ageless facial oil will add a natural finish and will make application of certain products easier and smoother. Adding squalane improves distribution of makeup pigment.
4. Tanamera Ageless facial oil can also be used on your hair. Apply the oil on your dry hair and leave for 5 minutes before shampooing and washing.