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Hand Fan (Islamic Arts Museum Shop)

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RM 34.90

Whispers of Ancient Elegance: Hand Fans Inspired by Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Treasures

Embrace the timeless beauty of Islamic art with these exquisite hand fans. Each piece whispers tales of past grandeur, drawing inspiration from the ornate motifs and intricate patterns found within the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia.

Comes in four different designs, each with their own distinct stories. 

Ottoman Turkey Iznik Tile :

Inspired by an underglazed painted Iznik tile, produced in the form of an arch with gilt frame, c. 1580 AD / 988 AH, Ottoman Turkey, collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. 

Tekat Cushion Cover :

Inspired by a decorative red velvect cushion cover embroidered with tekat technique, 20th century AH, Malay Peninsula, collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. 

Baba Nakkash Plate :

Inspired by a rare charger plate produced at the Baba Nakkash workshop that reflects the oppulence crafted by the early royal ateliers of Ottoman sulans Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II and his son Beyazit II , 1480 AD / 885 AH, Ottoman Turkey, collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. 

Iznik Peacock : 

Isnpired by an Iznik dish with the depiction of a peacock and a quail amongst floral stems, c. 1580 AD / 988 AH , Turkey , collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia.

Hand fan measurement :

Closed : 22.5 cm

Opened :40 cm

Whether you're seeking a unique conversation starter or a meaningful gift, these hand fans are sure to captivate and delight. Carry a piece of history with you, and let the artistry of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia breathe life into your everyday moments.

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