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Riang Cosy Refill Duo .

Regular price
RM 4.83
Regular price
RM 6.90
Sale price
RM 4.83

Enjoy your favourite cosy scents, minus the plastic. duo (2 pieces).

Our Riang. cosy refills are also known as tealights and are made with lead free cotton wicks for fuss-free maintenance & premium IFRA certified fragrance oils. Hand crafted in the rainy town of Taiping. Works best with our glass candle holder .

Candle total burn time : Approx. 5 hours per candle

Available scents :
Pear & Freesia
Pear. White freesia. Musk.

Lavender & Bergamot
Lavender. Amber. Bergamot.

Vanilla Cream

Chamomile. Vetiver. Musk.


Lavender Dream

Rosebud & Frankincense
Roses. Frankincense. Vanilla.

Precious Oudh, reimagined

Sweet Honey
Honey. Peach. Lemon.

Roasted Coffee Beans
Coffee. Cocoa. Vanilla.

Off Day
Cinnamon. Sandalwood. Musk.

Two Scents,A Surprise
assorted fragrances, a surprise.

Riang. candles are cruelty, phthalate and paraben-free. Burn clean and find your new favourite scent with us, today.

Candle safety :

Never leave a candle burning unattended, near a draft, or in reach of children or pets.

Extinguish all candles before you leave the room or before bed.

Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

Allow your candle to form a melting pool with every burn to prevent tunneling and optimum scent throw.