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Tanamera Cotton Abdominal Binder .

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*Promotes weight loss and toning of the abdominal muscle and skin.
* Promotes good posture since breastfeeding moms tend to slouch during feeding.

Instructions for use

1. Place the binder with strings at the bottom. Align the binder properly so the loops will be at the side of waist.
2. Tuck in the end of binder behind waist just like how you would wear a sarong.
3. Tighten bottom of the binder and start inserting string into the loops. The top of binder should be just underneath breasts and the bottom just below the vagina.
4. Wrap the remaining string around the top of binder before tuck in the end.
§ To pass urine/motion, just lift the bottom of binder.
§ To be used for caesarean section birth only after stitches has fully healed. Check with your gynecologist for appropriate date.