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Damai Mini Batik Dompet & Lanyard Set

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RM 33.60
Regular price
RM 48.00
Sale price
RM 33.60

Slip on Damai's vibrant Batik Lanyard, where tradition meets style. Secure your essentials with captivating patterns, a testament to rich heritage, while turning heads with every step.

Complete the ensemble by tucking away treasures in its matching Batik Pouch, crafted with care and exuding timeless sophistication. Coins, cosmetics, or secrets big and small – let them rest easy within its embrace. Conveniently linked by a loop, your new duo brings charm and function to everyday life.

Measurement :

Lanyard: 45 x 1.3 cm

Card Holder Pouch: 11 x 8 cm

Notes on gift sets:

- Unless otherwise specified in the description, the products in our gift sets will be thoughtfully packed by assortment, allowing you to enjoy a variety of designs and fragrances. However, you have the option to select your preferred fragrance through our official website.

- Please note that the ribbon color on the purchased gift box may vary slightly from the one depicted in the photos, adding a unique touch to each set.

- Due to the availability of stock, the curated products may differ slightly from the images provided. However, rest assured that every item included in the set will maintain the same level of quality and value.

- Kindly be informed that any additional props used in the photoshoot are not included in the gift set.

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- For orders delivered by courier, individual product packaging may be used to ensure the safety and integrity of the items. We kindly request that you remove the protective packaging before presenting the gift to its recipient.

Care tips for gift sets with little buddies:

- These cacti or succulents thrive best when placed in direct sunlight or bright indirect sunlight. Please remember to water them directly into the soil once a week to maintain their health.

- Each of our little buddies is sourced directly from local nurseries, guaranteeing their uniqueness and making them exclusively yours.

- While some leaf loss or browning may occur during transit, please rest assured that the overall condition of the little buddy will not be affected.

- We take great care in wrapping each little buddy meticulously before transit. However, we cannot assume liability for any potential plant damage caused by mishandling during transportation by the courier service.