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MUOC Malaysia animal postcard

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RM 19.90
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RM 19.90

Raise Awareness and Educate with These Stunning Malaysian Wildlife Postcards!

This captivating set of 4 postcards features some of Malaysia's most incredible endangered animals. From the majestic Orangutan to the playful Proboscis Monkey, these beautifully illustrated cards will spark curiosity and inspire conservation efforts.

More Than Just a Postcard:

Collector's Item: These postcards are perfect for animal enthusiasts who want to cherish a piece of Malaysian wildlife.

Educational Flashcards: Use them as a fun and engaging way to learn about endangered species in Malaysia.

Thoughtful Souvenirs: Send a unique and educational gift to your loved ones, raising awareness about these precious animals.

Each postcard measures 10.5cm (H) x 14.8cm (W), making them ideal for displaying or mailing.

Available in two exciting assortments:

Assorted #1: Features the Rhinoceros Hornbill, Orangutan, Malayan Tapir, and Green Turtle.

Assorted #2: Spotlights the Malayan Sun Bear, Proboscis Monkey, Malayan Tiger, and Dusky Leaf Monkey.

Order your set today and celebrate the beauty of Malaysian wildlife!

Original illustrations by Yew Souf, made in Malaysia