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MUOC Malaysia food postcard

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RM 19.90
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RM 19.90

A set of 4pcs of  Malaysian favourite food postcards illustrations, with plenty of space at the back to write your lovely messages.

• Card size: 10.5cm x 14.8cm

• Material: 310gsm premium card

Available in two exciting assortments:

Assorted #1

1. Durian - A fruit derived from the Malay language word for duri (spike). It is distinctive for its large size, pungent aroma and formidable thorn-covered husk.

2. Nasi Lemak - A small packet rice cook with coconut milk and Pandan leaves, spicy sambal, fried anchovies & peanut, few slices cucumber and hard boiled egg. It is most commonly found in Malaysia.

3. Karipap (Curry puff) - It is a small pie with chicken curry and potatoes in a deep-fried pastry style.

4. Teh Tarik (Pulled Tea) - A popular hot milk tea beverage most commonly found in local Mamak stall. It's considered the national drink of Malaysia.

Assorted #2

1. Nyonya Kuih - A bite-sized snack or dessert foods commonly found in Malaysia, they come in different shapes, colours & texture. Mostly kuih are sweet, but some are savoury.

2. Satay - A dish consisting of small piece of meat on a bamboo skewer grilled or barbecued over a wood/charcoal fire. It is then served with slices of rice cakes (ketupat), onions, cucumbers and peanut sauce.

3. Ice Kacang - Literally means "Ice Beans" also commonly known as ABC (Air Batu Campur-mixed ice). An ice shaving machine is used to churn out the shaved shaped like mountain. A Malaysian dessert flavoured with evaporated milk or coconut milk, Gula Melaka, syrup, red beans, attap chee (palm seed), cendol, sweet corn, grass jelly and cubes of agar-agar.

4. Roti Canai - A popular breakfast and snack dish in Malaysia. It an Indian-influenced flatbread served with dal or curry and also can be cooked in a range of sweet or savoury variety of ingredients such as meat, egg or butter.

Original illustrations by Yew Souf, made in Malaysia