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Build Your Own Adorable Malayan Tapir!

This eco-friendly paper toy is a perfect way to celebrate the Malayan tapir, an iconic symbol of Malaysia!

The Malayan tapir is a fascinating creature with a unique blend of features: a flexible snout like an elephant's trunk, horse-like ears and hippopotamus legs. Just like this captivating creature, Malaysia is a nation where diverse cultures beautifully blend together.

Unleash your creativity and assemble your very own 3D Malayan tapir! This fun and educational toy is:

Easy to assemble: No glue required, perfect for all ages!

Made from high-quality materials: Printed on sturdy 230gsm matte art card for a colorful and durable toy.

Clear instructions included: Frustration-free assembly for a rewarding crafting experience.

A surprise: Each Malayan Tapir paper toy comes in a random assortment of colors, adding an extra element of fun to your crafting adventure.

Original illustrations by Yew Souf, made in Malaysia